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"To whom it concerns.

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for John Bohan. I first met John as a student in an AutoCAD class at Napa Valley College in 2004. I was already familiar with an earlier version of the program and was in the class to get up-to-date with the newer version. John was able to communicate effectively with students who were new to AutoCAD as well as those who were familiar with it as was I. John demonstrated that there was even more in AutoCAD for an experienced user to learn and challenged me to go deeper into my understanding of the program.

The following year John and Alan Skinner, the department head, asked me to join the teaching staff at the college. I ended up co-teaching Architectural Desklop with John the following semester. John was able to quickly help me prepare to teach the coursework. The co-teaching process was a very good experience and I learned a lot from John.

Last year I again was a student of John's in a special summer session Revit class. John made the class experience an interactive process between the students which enhanced the learning experience beyond the typical course material. The class was only one week of evenings, but in that short time we all had a chance to test out the programon a project of our own design. This turned out to be a great way to learn the power of Revit in addition to the training provided by the course material.

I encourage you to take advantage of John's experience with CAD programs of all sorts, and his enthusiasm for teaching."
Kevin Kearny

From the Desk of Alan J. Skinner


To whom it may concern,

Over the past 8 years I have had the pleasure of working with John Bohan. I am the Head of the Digital Design and Graphic Technology Department at Napa Valley College where John Teaches. He has proven to be an outstanding instructor bringing his many years of experience in Architecture, CAD and teaching into play in our program. He has helped me create a state of the art CAD and graphics program. Many of the students he has taught are now working in the field of Architecture as well as Engineering or have gone on to four year schools.

He is particularly strong in the classroom where his casual but challenging style encourages the most out of his students. His outstanding rapport with his students is tempered by his desire to get the most from them. I would recommend him without reservation as an instructor in Revit, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture for which he has taught all levels. 



Alan Skinner

Program Coordinator

Dear Sirs,

Over the years I have taken classes, team taught and given classes to John Bohan. He is truly an outstanding individual. He has particularly distinguished himself in Revit in the last few years. His relationship with his students is unparalleled. He knows when and how to challenge them as well as when to back off and give them the space to digest the material. He can take a group of people with widely varying backgrounds and abilities and design a class that works for all of them. I highly recommend him as an instructor for Revit, 3D Studio Max or AutoCAD.

Mark Gerhard
Media & Entertainment Applications Specialist
IMAGINiT Technologies
A RAND Worldwide Company
322 Liberty Street Petaluma, CA 94952
T: 707-763-8154| F: 707-765-9872
C: 707-953-5319

"I would recommend the class offered by John Bohan in REVIT. After taking both the DDGT-298 (Introduction to REVIT) and DDGT-230 at Napa Valley College, I was able to produce a complete set of building plans that were submitted for a building permit. John was very through and provided challenging assignments that allowed me to maximize my learning. Thank you John for some great classes!" Scott Kelly
Revit Renderings

by Scott Kelly

"I took two of John's Revit classes, one of them for Revit certification, and the other an architectural drafting class in which I drew up a full set of plans using Revit. In both classes he proved himself to be knowledgeable in the software and I in turn learned enough to be taking on my own projects outside of class using Revit. I recommend anybody interested in learning this new software to study under Mr Bohan. I plan on taking future classes in Revit from him as they come available. Joby Read, student, draftsman, carpenter

"You were very informative and, as always, inspiring." Jill Bentz

"If it hadn't been for you, I never would have learned Revit. Now I use it every day and I couldn't be happier." Al Gracier

Student Projects

by Thomas Klyse

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